Four Women.

One House.

One Man.

Real Love.

  • WE'RE ON A SEARCH across the country for the perfect blend of four girls to star in the hottest new reality show to ever air on television. 4 The Love of 1 will be about three to four beautiful women all living in the same 5 bedroom house, sharing the love of one man.  This is not a competition, all the women will understand that they are all his girlfriends, living in this Polyamorous relationship.This will be similar to a mix of the TV Shows The Girls Next Door and Sisterwives. 4 the Love of 1 will be considered by every major network in the country, i.e. MTV, E!, BET, VH1, Bravo, TLC, etc... If you think you have what it takes to be one of the four, please continue reading....

  • The four girls we are looking for must meet the following qualifications:
    • You must be between the ages of 18 to 35
    • You must not have more than 1 child
    • You must not be involved in a romantic relationship
    • Must be willing to relocate to live in the Philadelphia area
    • Must be seriously willing to be in this very real relationship (no acting)

    We are looking for open minded women who are serious about being in a relationship and NOT looking for a stepping stone to fame. If this is you, please click the "I'm Ready!" button below to get started.

  • Your man will be a handsome and successful African American/Spanish mixed entrepreneur in his forties, who loves to take care of his women. He owns a Web Development Company and a Real Estate Company. If he sounds like someone you'd like to meet, please click the "I'm Ready!" button below to get started.

  • Once shooting starts, your income will be at least $5,000 a week/per episode, which is common for new cast members that are not already of celebrity status. Seasons are generally scheduled to be 10 episodes long. Until then, you will be required to maintain steady general employment. If this works for you, please click the "I'm Ready" button below to get started.

  • If you are selected by us, you will be contacted for an initial telephone interview. Those selected will then be brought in for a second, face-to-face interview with our staff and to meet "Your Future Man". Hotel accommodations and transportation will be provided, free of charge. If you are chosen and decide to participate, be prepared to move into the house immediately. Once all four girls have been chosen and moved in, the cameras will start rolling! To get started, please click the "I'm Ready" button below.

I'm Ready!